Vaše nová jurta podpoří Mongolsko

Description of Project GER - Interview with Michal Kristýnek in Goegraphical magazine Koktejl

Michal Kristýnek: Yurts are beautiful and sturdy circular buildings, offering solutions connecting the thermic comfort and the fulfillment of the desire for freedom and contact with nature. For natural people it can be an answer to the bizarre prices of real estate and building plots. Michael Kristýnek with friends launched a project through which you can build these homes in our country too.

Rep.: Can you give us a brief image of your project context ?

The whole idea behind is based on the growing interest in quality and affordable yurts in Europe which can also support the living conditions of rural Mongolia residents. They suffer due to severe winters in recent years by a catastrophic mortality of cattle and thus losing the traditional pastoral livelihoods. Based on the uncertain recommendations we chose for collaboration remote „sum“ (district) Galt. The entire sum (in the size of county) has only about 5,000 inhabitants. At its center - the village where, in addition to the offices, two small banks, schools, doctor, post office, 80 octan gazoline stand, antenna of mobile operator, a few shops and artisans - live permanently in wooden houses approximately 300 people. The rest of the mentioned amount live in yurts in the surrounding steppe.

R: What about production of the yurts?

Yurts for the project have been produced from August to in two workshops situated directly on the courá of the village houses. Wood for the yurts comes from the surrounding larch forests and is processed at the local sawmill. Traditional designs made local master painter.The material for the textile, although imported from Ulaanbaatar, has been also stitched in the workshop. The situation about the manufacture and sale of yurts, however, was not easy at all. Even though there were in the business order clearly defined terms and parameters the producers, there severe delays emerged. We faced an underestimation of the size of the contract, entirely different and subjective concept of time, and dirty tricks in communication with the village government. Despite of all the efforts and support from our side the producers managed by term container departure (shifted to the end of September) against the planned twenty only eleven yurts. These we fortunately managed to sell and reduce the loss budget. The disctrict government says they might have finished the remaining nine yurts. Colleagues would prefer not to cooperate with this sum anymore again. I am inclined to seek at least partial compensation for their work, if the sum will not manage to sell these nine yurts in Mongolial. The are possibilities of continuing the project. I would also ask readers to express opinions, interests or other suggestions on our site

R: How much costs such a yurt?

Imported yurts in winter version - insulated by felt from yak wool. We offer the yurt of 6 m diameter, which is a Mongolian classic, for 3600 Euro We expected that the planned amount of profit would go back to Mongolia, but the current situation is that the income is less than the aggregated costs.

R: Will yurts stand the Czech conditions?

he fundamental difference between the Czech Republic and Mongolia is in the air humidity and rainfall. In Mongolia, the sun really shines also in the winter and there is less rain and snow in general.Winters are chilly dry. But it is interesting that although the Mongolian own house, Theky rather spend the winter in the yurt. Yurt is, unlike many other houses, living house of natural materials. And we can say that it communicates with the environment around and with people inside.Yurt likes when it is taken care of it regularly. In terms of Czech that means fight with moisture - regular ventilation and heating and taking out the snow in winter. Then it can last for years.


R: And how to live in a yurt?

I would hate to create the illusion that for Central yurt offers the same as house. Nevertheless, a lot of people have managed to adapt their lifestyles and live in a yurt year-round. Yurt is a space that offers a home in the middle of inhospitable winter – built in a few hours. That feeling is worth for me.